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How To Listen To A1Radio

Thank you for your interest in A1Radio!  The following steps should help you to tune in.

Using Your Internet Browser

Click on either of the three listen links (in the grey bar) in the bottom left hand corner of any page on this site. On mobiles or smaller screens, you may find a 'headphone' icon in the footer - click this to reveal the listen links. The links are in descending order of quality, as follows:
Super HD - 320kbps, High - 128kbps and Low - 48kbps. On the listen page you will also find a link to our Low - 48kbps stream.

The stream with lower bitrate is of lower quality but is useful if you have a slower broadband connection, or are listening on mobile devices when out and about, when you may be using a limited mobile data package. A separate window will open with the player built in which you can use to listen to our stream. Techies, there is also a longer delay on the lower bitrate streams :)

If you experience problems with the stream such as stuttering, you can switch to the lower bandwidth stream by clicking the links in the bottom right corner of the player.

You can find A1Radio on TuneIn Radio, which is a free app available from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Simply download the app, select the Browse feature and enter A1Radio UK into the search.
From there you can listen to A1Radio and add us to your Presets.

Got a smart speaker? Ask it to 'Play A1Radio UK On TuneIn' to listen live!

You can also save this link in your Favourites, for fast access to the stream.